Tomorrow Night: The Midwest Music Foundation’s Stay Tuned 3

The Best Nonprofit in this year’s Best Of issue went to Midwest Music Foundation. In addition to last year’s Apocalypse Meow benefit for the Gaslights’ Abigail Henderson, they’ve started a series of concerts, called “Stay Tuned,” to raise money to start “LIVE. HEAR. NOW.,” “a television series, slated for production next year, showcasing the incredible level of musical talent within Kansas City and the surrounding areas.”

The showcase this go-’round features the alt. country of The Gaslights, experimental rock from Greyson (not to be confused with Macon Greyson), and James Christos, presenting hip-hop of which we heartily approve.

It all goes down at the Brick tomorrow night, starting at 10pm. If you buy a membership in Midwest Music Foundation, you get in free, and current members get $2 off. Membership details can be found here. You get a card and some sweet discounts. The flier also promises a bake sale. I recommend pairing brownies with stout.

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