Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Come on, Tom Petty is great. Friend to man and beast alike, the Petty offends none and pleases all. He even recently pulled the most unobjectionable and down-home move ever: reuniting his pre-Heartbreakers band earlier this year to put out a CD.

It’s as if he woke up in a hotel one morning and said, “I’m getting the old band back together.” “But we’re already together, Tom,” came the response from either side of the bed, where the Heartbreakers were also waking up. “Nah, I mean Mudcrutch,” said the Petty.

“We’re in that one, too!” they said, and everyone jumped into the pool, splashing around, happy as pollywogs. Even as the man and his band tour endlessly, so do their pure-as-lemonade hits play endlessly on summertime radio. Getting to hear songs such as “American Girl” and “Breakdown” at the Sprint Center will be like summiting Everest and reliving your first kiss — at the same time.

Damn, Petty is great.

“Don’t Come Around Here No More,” by Tom Petty

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