Tom Johnson gives a lesson in balance

What You Do For Money Honey takes us beyond the music and into the cubicles, behind the desks, and on top of what local musicians do to pay the bills.

Tom Johnson is a busy, busy man. He plays in three bands — Yuca Roots, the Shop, and Son Venezuela — in addition to his duties as general manager of KJHK 90.7FM and live music advisor for the University of Kansas’ Student Union Activities. How does the man balance so many things?

While I’m not the best at balancing everything going on in my life on a weekly basis, I unabashedly enjoy all the jobs and activities I do…caring about everything in its own way is what makes me try to fit everything into a busy schedule, and respecting what I get out of different activities keeps things in line most of the time. I might also forcefully add that I have incredible support from the people around me. So the simplest answer to “How do you do it all?” is “I try to do what I care about, so I have to do it all.”

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