Tom Green and Mancow turn nation on to K2 as Kansas awaits ban

​The Mancow show had me on as a guest this morning to talk about K2 synthetic marijuana and my story “Fake Reefer Madness.”

During the time I was on the air, Mancow and his co-host for the day Tom Green said they were going to smoke up in studio. I wasn’t on the show long enough to find out if K2 got Mancow and Green high. Either way, Mancow’s listeners know about the faux reefer, and can smoke the stuff before their states ban it.

Meanwhile, Kansas is a signature away from a ban.

Mancow seemed to side with K2 users, saying of course the government wanted to ban it since the stuff makes us feel good. You can listen to audio of today’s show here, but only if you want to pay for a membership.

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