Tokyo Police Club


Looking at the success of Tokyo Police Club, one can’t help but weep for the music lifer — you know, the guy who uses the baby-formula money to fix his Fender. He lives and dies for rock and roll, and the biggest success he’ll ever know is playing to the bartender and her boyfriend at Woody’s Pickleshack in Whogivesacrap, Illinois. Tokyo Police Club was formed in an Ontario basement in 2005. With a sound that’s akin to that of smart-aleck Brooklynites Les Savy Fav, the foursome has brought its scrappy postpunk to the Montreal Pop Festival, Coachella and even Late Show With David Letterman. All this despite having only two short EPs’ worth of material. The humanity! Elephant Shell, Tokyo Police Club’s highly anticipated first full-length, will be released April 22. Semper fi, music lifer.

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