Todd Akin campaign rallies women, releases bizarre video

Not all women were offended by Rep. Todd Akin’s infamous “legitimate rape” comments in August. After claiming on a St. Louis television program that women who were the victims of “legitimate rape” could miraculously prevent themselves from becoming pregnant, Akin lost nearly all financial support from Republican PACs.

Since then, Akin has become bent on nickel-and-diming his way back into the race against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill. Akin continues to lag in polls (except this Citizens United aberration). However, his Twitter campaign asking for tiny donations — from $3 to $5 — has raised tens of thousands of dollars, his campaign says.

Perhaps emboldened by this showing of micro support, Akin began targeting women directly this week. On Tuesday, his campaign held a meeting of the newly created group, “Missouri Women Standing With Akin,” in Chesterfield. The St. Louis Post- Dispatch reports that roughly 300 people attended the meeting that featured several women speakers explaining why they continue to support Akin.

But as Akin looks to regain ground with women, the campaign made another unforced error by releasing this strange video announcing the creation of Missouri Women Standing With Akin. The spot, called “We Think for Ourselves,” features a woman in classic 20/20-style “to protect the identity of the witness” silhouette explaining why women continue to support Akin as their candidate. The YouTube user who posted the video online has since deleted it.

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