TK Webb

A native of Kansas City’s suburban sprawl, Thomas Kelley Webb defected to New York City years ago, taking with him his Delta-blues-infused acoustic sound and Midwestern narratives of pain and disparity. The big city has been good to Webb. He has released two albums on Atomic Records and gone on tour with the likes of the Bloodthirsty Lovers and other indie-folk substars. Onstage, Webb adds only harmonica and the beat of his boot on a battered suitcase to his voice and his guitar, but his soulfully earnest delivery packs a wallop much stronger than the typical one-man band. Though Webb no longer calls our land home, he has been involved in local music projects, most notably the post-Anniversary granola band the Only Children. Webb is a late addition to this bill, which also includes his childhood best friend, the Lucky Graves’ Adam Stotts.

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