Tim Huelskamp fundraising as anti-dabbing candidate

When new Kansas Congressman Roger Marshall was sworn in last week, his 17-year-old son, Cal, made news by attempting to “dab” during the family photo-op with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Dabbing is a dance move, or really just a motion, made popular over a year ago by the rap group Migos. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton helped mainstream it last year, and by the time summer rolled around it had become such a meme that even Hillary Clinton had to do it in an attempt to appeal to the youths. Dabbing is now basically meaningless, though it possibly originated with the idea of smoking so much weed you sneeze and cough uncontrollably. 

Anyway, the kid tried to dab in his dad’s big photo shoot, and it was actually kind of hilarious, and he’s apparently grounded, and that’s that.

Heres’ the video: 

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In order to win his seat representing Kansas’ 1st Congressional District, Marshall primaried Tim Huelskamp last year and won, making Huelskamp only the second incumbent Kansas Congressman to lose a primary since 1964. Huelskamp was seen by voters as too uncompromising and obstructionist in his Tea Party views. In recent years, he was kicked off the House’s Agricultural Committee and opposed the 2014 farm bill — a no-no in a farm-rich state like Kansas. 

But Huelskamp may get a second chance. Mike Pompeo, who represents Kansas’ 4th District, has been nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to lead the CIA. If Pompeo is confirmed, there will be a special election for his seat. Huelskamp has indicated he is interested. According to The Hutchinson News, he’s fundraising already, and he sent an email to supporters over the weekend attempting to capitalize on the dabbing incident. 

“You probably saw it,” the email reads, per the newspaper. “Roger Marshall’s high school senior embarrassed Kansas by ‘dabbing’ during the official swearing-in photograph with Paul Ryan. A little more class, please. This is Congress — not senior skip day.”


Tim Huelskamp lecturing people about class in politics is not something that should be tolerated, and Marshall’s press secretary quickly fired back.

“Mr. Huelskamp is no longer a Member of Congress — emails like this are his sad attempt to remain relevant. The only thing that was embarrassing was his behavior, which silenced the Big First’s voice on the House Ag Committee. We wish him well on his desire to fill Mike Pompeo’s seat in Wichita.”

Here’s a four-minute compilation of unintentional dabs because it’s Monday and you deserve a chance at happiness in your life: 

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