Tiger Army

Chiefs of their own sub-sub-culture, Los Angeles psychobilly trio Tiger Army can carve its initials in your forehead with even the most generic template of its sound: frontman Nick 13’s greasy croon; Fred Hell’s swinging, Sun Records-simple drums; and the huge, rubbery slap of Geoff Kresge’s stand-up bass, which erects iron trestles along the twisted track of Monsieur 13’s punky guitar. But on Tiger Army’s three full-length albums, there’s a lot more going on than the Cramps-inspired kitsch that satisfies most of the band’s peers. Power of Moonlight (2001) swims in as much atmosphere as the soundtrack to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, and last year’s Ghost Tigers Rise, despite the title, adds a lyrical grace rarely seen in punky SoCal bands. Stay tuned for the next episode, when — at this rate — our heroes could very well find their way out of the graveyard for good.

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