Thuc Nguyen at Bo Ling’s


Dim sum at Bo Ling’s near the Plaza usually draws a crowd, and last Sunday was no exception. When my parents and I got there around 11:30, we faced about a 30-minute wait for a table. As we stood around in the foyer, I started scanning the crowd for any cool outfits. Once, years ago, I saw this middle-aged guy in a plain white T-shirt there. Then, I took a closer look at his T-shirt: He had artfully arranged five $100 bills to fan out from the pocket. I was hoping to see something like that again, but sadly, no luck this time.

Then I saw 86-year-old Thuc Nguyen. She was the only person there wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress. It consisted of a silk, ankle-length gray top over black pants. Around her neck was a beautiful jade pendant on a gold chain. She had just gone to church, hence her formal outfit.

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