Throwback Thursday: Watch this 2009 video of Hammerlord at the Riot Room ahead of their Saturday show

Anyone who’s met Hammerlord bassist Terry Taylor knows that he’s one of the nicest guys on the planet. Given his calm demeanor (especially when dealing with bands, managers, and local music journalists) and massive toy collection, you can’t help but think this is a guy who’d make an awesome dad. This Saturday, March 21, there’s a benefit to help Taylor and his wife, Liz, become parents by raising money for the couple’s in vitro fertilzation. In addition to a stellar lineup featuring the ‘Lord, Troglodyte, Circle of Trust, and Eyes of Iolite, there’s a gigantic raffle and silent auction.

To get you hyped, here’s a snippet of an early Hammerlord live set from 2009 at the Riot Room. They play “Shut Your Eyes” and “The Hell with You,” and it sounds spectacular. Get stoked with these throwback thrash jams, because Hammerlord’s likely to be busting out a bunch of new songs this weekend, including the absolutely ripping “Extensive Enterprises (Featuring Cold Slither).”

Hammerlord plays the Riot Room this Saturday, March 21, with Troglodyte, Circle of Trust, and Eyes of Iolite. Details on that show can be found here.

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