Throwback Thursday: DJ Mahf, at Riot Room on Friday, with his award-winning 2010 Red Bull Thre3style Mix

St. Louis’ DJ Mahf has long been a Kansas City favorite. His collaborations with Steddy P and the rest of the Indyground crew are solid party movers, and the man knows how to work a set of decks like nobody’s business, mixing the hottest newness with classic soul and jazz breaks. This weekend, he’s back in town this weekend to compete as part of the Red Bull Thre3style Regional.

Mahf won the St. Louis Regional in 2010, and went on to place fourth in the country that year. The routine he performed live in Denver is what we’re sharing for this week’s Throwback Thursday. It’s pretty amazing, but if you hit up Mahf’s Soundcloud page, it’s even more impressive to see how far the man has come.

DJ Mahf is at the Riot Room Friday, February 6. Details on that show are here.

Mahf competes against DJs B-Stee, Shake One, Chris Brown (no, not that Chris Brown) and Archi as part of the 2015 Red Bull Thre3style Regional qualifier at the Uptown Theater this Saturday, February 7. You can find more information here.

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