Throwback MP3 of the Week: TV Fifty, “Bath Time” (live)

Once upon a time, there was a show on Channel 38. This is back before it was “38 the Spot,” and possibly even predating the “38 Family Greats” identity. The show was called Burning Down the House, and the half hour show featured live performances every week, taped live at the Hurricane. It’s similar to what Lawrence’s Channel 6 does with the Turnpike, but easily predating it (and its predecessor, Fusion) by half a decade.

I very rarely ever caught the program, as it aired at a weird time, and most of the bands, I’d never heard of. However, thanks to the repeated airing of their song “Better” on the Lazer, I did know who TV Fifty were. Now, I saw that band play live exactly once, probably opening for Danger Bob shortly after I moved to Lawrence. Their performances were stellar and featured big bunches of power pop. Of course, it wasn’t meant to last, and the band broke up. Byron Huhmann, the band’s frontman, would go on to spend time in bands like Anvil Chorus, Exit 159 and the Dark Circles.

Still, when going through stacks of videos, all crammed with shit I’d taped off TV back in high school, I discovered this performance. Thanks to issues with when I’d set the timer on the VCR, the last song, “Better,” got cut off. However, the rest of the performance managed to turn out just fine. This song, “Bath Time,” comes from that performance, sometime in the mid-’90s. It’s a VHS transfer, so behoove the usual warnings regarding tape hiss and whatnot. I find it appropriate that I’m featuring an MP3 pulled from a TV show for a band named after a Christian television station (also defunct, right around the same time).

MP3: TV Fifty, “Bathtime” (live)

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