Throwback MP3 of the Week: the Brannock Device, “One Hell of a Shortcut” (live)

Since the North Vs. South Festival (sixth annual, dontcha know?) gets kicking tomorrow night, it felt appropriate to feature a band that has played several of the festivals in the past, and will also be playing the fest this year (specifically, Friday night at 8:50pm).

The Brannock Device are a Kansas City institution at this point. I don’t use that in the “these guys are fucking old” sense, but that they’re a band’s band. People who play music, and really fucking dig music get the Brannock Device.

You know, that’s coming across like I’m trying to defend a shitty band, and that is not the Brannock Device. Let’s just say that they’re one of those bands that’s difficult to describe. They’re like the Minutemen, and I know that band gets tossed out every other time someone writes about the Brannock Device, and I’m sure they’re sick of it, but the comparison is just so goddamn apt. The Brannock Device uses funky time signatures, is kind of bluesy, kind of punk, kind of country, kind of arty…they’re THAT band that you can never describe to your friends and just end up saying to them, “Ok, you know what? Just fucking listen to this, all right?”

So, yeah — just fucking listen to this, all right? Ignore the tape hiss, as it was converted from a cassette recorded off the radio ten years ago.

MP3: the Brannock Device, “One Hell of A Shortcut” (live on KJHK’s Plow the Fields, 10/1/99)

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