Throwback MP3 of the Week: T&A, “Don’t Walk Away”

Despite what the name might imply, T&A was neither a crappy Y&T knock-off, nor was it a gaggle of ladies with artificially-enhanced bosoms. In point of fact, T&A was Tawni Freeland (of the Glitterkicks) and Anj Stevenson (of the Domestics), two very talented ladies, and the only thing “busting out” with these women were catchy lyrics and sweet, sweet harmonies.

Sadly, the band didn’t last but a year or so, and T&A didn’t really record all that much. Freeland moved to Los Angeles right around 2002, where she played in a band called the Thornbirds. Stevenson is married to former MI6 and current Unknown Stuntman bassist Aaron Riffel, with whom she has two children.

This cut, which was “the single,” was released on a compilation done by Z’Gwon,th Recording Studio. The compilation featured all artists that had recorded at the studio, and can be found in many a discount bin around these parts for cheap.

MP3: T&A, “Don’t Walk Away”

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