Throwback MP3 of the Week: A Halloween Two-Fer

Since it’s Halloween this week, I figured I would go in two directions for this week’s Throwback MP3. That means that you get two MP3s. Not only do you get one really creepy, scary metal number, you also get an epic, Halloween-themed cowpunk number, as well.

The first track is from Wormwood. Originally from Lawrence, the gothic black metal band made a name for themselves by being scary as hell in their music, using lots and lots of organ in a way that sound like they were soundtracking a black mass. They moved to Seattle in 2000, and that’s where they played their final show last summer. This track’s off their self-titled debut 7″, released back in 1998 on Arm Records.

MP3: Wormwood, “Circus”

Boot Hill was a band that was originally a three-piece with Gary Cloud and his wife, Allegra. To avoid telling a story that is probably more conjecture on my part than actual fact, let’s just say that the two parted ways, and the band had broken up before that. In addition to Boot Hill’s first album, the Laudenum full-length, they recorded a little-heard EP entitled Spook Light, which not only contained a cover of the Five Blobs’ “The Blob” (theme song to The Blob), but also yielded this tale of a zombie hippie trying to steal beer from a Punk Rods party. The line-up for Spook Light featured former Honeywagen drummer Jason Meier, as well as Last Call Girls bassist Liz Schoch. It was recorded by Lou Whitney, too — a strong-ass pedigree for a CD that was burned to CD-R and barely saw the light of day.

MP3: Boot Hill, “Creepy Hippie”

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