Three Kansas City MCs form “supergroup” Yawn Johnson, performing live this weekend

The Abnorm, i-R Neko and Huey P. Nuisance are three separate forces in Kansas City hip-hop, but combined, these distinct voices make up the brand-new collective Yawn Johnson. 

Yawn Johnson is a product of ShameleSS MGMT, the local label that all three artists are signed to. The project initially started as a one-song collaboration, but after pushing out “For My City” in September, the guys decided a full-length effort was in order. The self-titled debut was released last month, and it’s got spitfire raps that hit you so quick, you’ll end up on the other side of the room. 

Yawn Johnson performs this Friday, November 22, at the Replay Lounge and on Saturday, November 23, at the Czar Bar

You can download the full-length mixtape here.

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