Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train

When an eccentric artist dies, his family of students, ex-lovers, and distant relatives makes the long train trip to his hometown, where old resentments and fresh conflicts nearly overwhelm the funeral. Although the artist himself is rarely seen (no lengthy flashbacks here), his presence hangs over his “heirs” and forces them to confront the impact he had on their lives. Director Patrice Chereau (Queen Margot) uses handheld camera work to give a sense of the characters’ shaky emotions, and the French film has a realistic look to it, even if the various subplots are basically the stuff of an NC-17 soap opera. The film is full of shrill neurotics who spend most of the time screaming and crying, stopping only long enough engage in furtive sexual liaisons. By the time Chereau finally provides the dramatic payoff, only the most patient audience members will even care anymore. (N/R) Rating: 6

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