This week’s Pitch: Ten years after being raped and left for dead, a survivor tells her story

This week’s Pitch is on the street now, and Nadia Pflaum’s cover story, “The Aftermath,” tells the story of a woman 10 years after a man raped her and left her for dead. Here’s a snip:

It was not yet light outside when Juliette realized that a man, not her sheets, was holding her feet. At first, she thought it was Matt, a late-night hookup who sometimes called after the bars closed. But Matt never showed up unannounced.

Juliette leaped out of bed. As her eyes adjusted to the dim room, she saw that the man who had wakened her was no one she knew. His pants were unzipped and hanging around his knees.

Then she noticed the knife. She thought, Oh, fuck.

Also, Ferruzza reviews R.A. Long’s Sawmill Restaurant in Lee’s Summit. Harper recaps the Pitch Music Awards, where 92-year-old Myra Taylor of the Wild Women of Kansas City stole the show. And Martin looks at the J.E. Dunn’s $1.1 million agreement to hire women and minority contractors after Dunn used front companies to meet diversity targets while building H&R Block’s headquarters.

H&R Block provided a test. Here was a high-profile project and an instance of obvious fraud. (It was embarrassing to watch Dunn officials suggest that Ralph Rodriguez had played everyone for a fool.) What would the TIF Commission do?

Offer a light sentence as a plea bargain.

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