This week’s Pitch and 30 things we learned this week

This week’s Pitch is on the street and so is Darlene White, the subject of Casey Lyons’ feature, “The Oldest Professional.” White sells $5 blow jobs so she can buy $20 rocks of crack. She claims she was once lit on fire by a John. It’s a hard life out there.

Also, Martin looks at the dog park mess. Harper and Gintowt preview the Crossroads Music Fest (so does the Buckle Bunny). Ferruzza reviews Zest, and Scherstuhl tells you whether you should see L’Histoire d”Amour.

In other news:

1. KCK Community College commercials are creepy.

2. Just about half the plays on the Kansas City Chiefs last year are gone.

3. Kansas Citians are overall happier but are fed up with Funk.

4. Rightbloggers think Obama telling kids to stay in school is Hitler-esque.

5. Matt Fraction moved to Portland.

6. Abigail Blunt’s eyes freak me the fuck out.

7. Bob Saget wants to tell you dirty jokes.

8. Skyfox’s wings are clipped.

9. Don’t dare Felix Rodriquez to shoot you. He’ll (allegedly) do it.

10. Somebody left David Matthews a shitty birthday present.

11. WyCo leaders are all tingly in their nether regions about maybe getting the Wizards in Village West.

12. Kevin Smith might make that movie inspired by Fred Phelps after all.

13. If you come from a broken home, gangs want you.

14. Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert is coming to Lee’s Summit.

15. Missouri Rep. Cynthia Davis really doesn’t believe President Obama was born in the U.S.A.

16. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel might not be able to go on Sunday.

17. Male Annual condones rape.

18. Matt Hawkins makes cool Justice League toys for Arby’s.

19. 3 a.m. liquor licenses are all about getting convention dollars.

20. The mysterious Barely Legal sign on Grand is legal.

21. KCMO fired Walter Cronkite for his attention to accuracy.

22. Race relations in Japan aren’t so good.

23. Montague K. Ashline was apparently killed for no reason.

24. Matthew J. Rose knows how to advertise.

25. Leaving hooking is hard.

26. Kansas City’s homicide number is 84.

27. A former candidate for JoCo DA  might have a hard time keeping his law license next week.

28. Jason Whitlock selflessly writes his sports column for American, not riches.

29. The next Civil War is a Rush Limbaugh jab away.

30. Finally, is Chris Stigall running for mayor of Kansas City?

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