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Grill Love

The following information first requires the admission of a shameful and unflattering truth: We, on occasion, watch MTV’s Cribs. That said, we were giddy following a recent episode that featured Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson.

No. 56’s unpretentious segment offered an inside look at his football trophies, sophisticated furniture and home theater. That’s where he watches his “favorites”: Life and The Color Purple. (KMBC Channel 9 offered a more literal interpretation of Johnson’s remarks, reporting that his favorite color was purple.) He even had hardwoods, a tasteful rarity in the pedestrian, plush-carpet norms of Midwestern high life.

We don’t know exactly where this modern three-story residence is located — since when are celebrities’ personal lives protected? — but the fact that a Chiefs player is actually willing to showcase his home in Kansas City is swell. (We’re lookin’ at you, Gonzalez.) A quick balcony shot even suggested that the place might be a hip condo in the city instead of a predictable Overland Park palace. (You, too, Green.) But maybe that’s wishful thinking.

The best part of the show? When the 6-foot-3-inch, 242-pound horse of a man showed off a shelf in his closet dedicated to the safekeeping of dental accessories. After showing them to the crew, he put one in his mouth, turned to the camera and proudly proclaimed, “This is my crunk grill.”

That’s why this week we love Derrick Johnson. — As told to Annie Fischer

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