This Week We Love

When Sally Cauble filed to run against Connie Morris, the anti-evolution Kansas School Board member who makes Rush Limbaugh look like a tie-dye-wearing war protester, she named her Web site In terms of what the Kansas School Board needs, we couldn’t agree more.

The former elementary school teacher came out of nowhere to challenge Morris. (Well, OK, so actually she came out of the town of Liberal, where she had been mentioned in the state’s bigger newspapers exactly twice: in Wichita Eagle obituaries.) Even though she didn’t want to make evolution an issue, her campaign became nonstop Darwin. In her answers, she was always careful to mix in a bit of the Good Lord but made it clear that the two beliefs didn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

When they didn’t ask her about evolution, she talked about respect, fairness and healthy learning environments. Just like a former teacher. Outside the classroom, she even helped develop a nonprofit for latchkey kids — we can almost see her baking batches of cookies for the children of western Kansas.

Last week, voters picked Cauble over Morris in the Republican primary. She now goes on to face Democratic candidate Tim Cruz in November. Sure, Cruz also has a tempered view on evolution as well, but he also has a cop moustache. And as far as we can tell, she doesn’t.

That’s why this week we love Sally Cauble.

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