This Week We Love…

We’re not big followers of basketball. After all, we care way more about the accuracy with which a man hits our G-spot than some silly three-point goal. But the sport got damned hard to ignore when March Madness rolled around, particularly during last weekend’s championship games.

Admittedly, we weren’t terribly disappointed to see Kansas fall in the first round. Rock Chalk fans bleed this arrogant sense of entitlement, even in unranked seasons, that makes their critics so pleased to see the Crimson and Blue fall. And though we don’t mind the players, none of them are exactly attachment-worthy just yet. But there is one reason to cheer on KU. Their coach. Their coach is cute.

We don’t just mean attractive (though he is). He’s also respected by his peers (Big 12 Coach of the Year), knows how to intelligently communicate (no chair-throwing … how novel) and seems genuinely nice. He sent coach Mark Sturgeon a note to congratulate him when Wichita State made it to the Sweet Sixteen. He didn’t gloat — publicly, at least — over Quin Snyder’s demise at Mizzou, even though he was passed up for that job. And though the Jayhawks obviously wouldn’t want to lose Brandon Rush as a player, Self is checking on the freshman’s NBA prospects because, he says, “that’s what I promised the family we’d do.” Which makes us melt just a little.

That’s why this week we love Bill Self.

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