This Week We Love…

In the April 27 installment of this column, we told you about Megan Mantia, a local student who had her submission published in the pages of Davy Rothbart’s Found II, a collection of found items (notes, lists, pictures, etc.) that provide voyeuristic glimpses into other people’s lives. Mantia had submitted a photocopied letter from a Lee’s Summit resident desperate to find the married cowboy with whom she’d found herself in bed and, subsequently, in love.

Or so we thought.

A couple of weeks later, we received a message from an anonymous source who proudly announced that it wasn’t “Jenny” who had initiated the manhunt but a gaggle of girls hell-bent on payback. “The letter was written as revenge by the wife and papered by all of her friends in Kansas City — over 4,000 copies,” she said, snickering. “The girl was literally bombarded with phone calls to where she had to change her number and hide.”

OK, so we feel a tiny bit bad for that chick. And we certainly hope that the missus distributed a fair share of the rage to her man as well. But damn it if it doesn’t tickle us pink when a woman scorned decides to get mad and get even.

That’s why this week we love the Cowboy’s Wife.

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