This Monday, see the Hold Steady at the Tank Room for Kegs & Eggs or at the Granada in Lawrence

In some ways, I’m kind of surprised that the Hold Steady still draws crowds. A decade ago, the Minneapolis-by-way-of-Brooklyn band made waves when it blended punk rock and slivers of 1990s grunge on Boys and Girls in America. On that album, lead singer Craig Finn shouts and spits his lyrics like a steroid-abusing Springsteen, offering a straightforward alternative to other vogue bands at the time (including Arcade Fire, also in town this week).

Hold Steady’s latest release, last month’s Teeth Dreams, has Finn doing more of what he’s good at – gruff vocals and punchy lyrics. Longtime fans probably approve of this lack of evolution. For everyone else, the Monday night show at the Granada also features Deer Tick; lead singer John McCauley’s irreverent wild side should prove more than entertaining.

Early risers can catch the Hold Steady on Monday morning at the Tank Room for 96.5 the Buzz’s Kegs & Eggs; details here. For info on the Granada show, go here

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