This Is More Serious Than Laryngitis

It’s a situation more serious than strep, too. Last Thursday, the members of Chicago’s Scotland Yard Gospel Choir were involved in an accident, wherein their van left the road and flipped over.

All six members have suffered head injuries, and are in (at the very least) serious condition. Bloodshot Records have set up a page wherein you can find updates as to the band’s condition, and make donations. They lost their van, all their gear, and they are all in some serious hurt.

Needless to say, they’ll not be playing the Replay next month. Take the money you were going to spend on drinks and getting in, and donate it to the band, all right? There’s also a list of gear they lost, so if you feel like donating a guitar, I’m sure they’d appreciate it greatly.

MP3: Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, “Stop!”

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