Think Pink

It’s hard to pick a flavor at Sylas & Maddy’s (11925 South Strang Line in Olathe, 913-393-3500), an ice creamery that first opened in Lawrence. We’re tempted to go the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink route with Gold Dust (a Snickers, Oreos and caramel concoction) or Da Bomb (which combines cookie dough, chocolate flakes and Oreos). The usual suspects await traditionalists, but there’s also a selection of sherbets in mouthwatering flavors such as watermelon, lemonade and green apple.

Our companion orders a flavor we’d never try ourselves: cotton candy. Hot-pink with little colored bits of chocolate suspended in it, the ice cream resembles something semitoxic. Curiosity wins out, though, and we take a tentative taste; whereas actual cotton candy dissolves on our tongue, the ice cream lingers, giving the flavor an otherworldly quality. The evanescence of the carnival captured in a cup.

Starts: July 31. Daily, 2006