There’s a killer Rolling Stones tribute coming in February

We just got word from Cody Wyoming that he’s putting together a Rolling Stones tribute at Crosstown Station, where a local 12-piece band will play Exile On Main Street in its entirety. It’s a doozy: the singers will include Mitch Rich (Rich Boys), Troy Geoghegan (Bleach Bloods), Amy Farrand (American Catastrophe / EIO / Shotgun Idols), Mark Smeltzer (Rural Grit All-Stars), John Cutler (Parlay / Tenderloin), Lauren Krum (The Grisly Hand), Abigail Henderson (Atlantic Fadeout / Tiny Horse / Gaslights), Kasey Rausch, Tony Ladesich (Faster Horses / Pendergast), Erik Voeks (Miss America / Gaslights), and Jeremiah Kidwell (the Pink Socks). And that’s just the singers

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