There Might Be Hope For This Guy Yet

New lead singer for Alice In Chains William DuVall recently listed his “ten songs that blow me away” over at AOL Music, and surprisingly, they don’t suck.

Let’s put all our cards on the table, all right? Replacement singers, especially for artists with as distinctive a voice as Layne Staley, have a lot to live up to. And, frankly, we all just hope that they’re not going to stink up the joint too terribly awful. In other words, we hope for that dude from the Phillipines who got found on YouTube over, say…Sammy Hagar. Yeah, I went for the easy joke. What I can I say? The guy brought it on himself with “Mas Tequila.”

So, it’s nice to know that thanks to the new single, “Check My Brain,” DuVall can harmonize with Jerry Cantrell just as well as Staley did, and the list of songs shows a refreshing breadth. Smokey Robinson and the Flamingos from a dude singing about angry chairs? Color me surprised.

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