Them vs. Them

Just who would claim victory in a fight between them and them? Ask Them vs. Them‘s Ig and Bish, who are the organist and drummer behind spastic and fabulous Chi-town weirdo-band Oh My God. Here, they join forces with (or against?) guitarist Casey Kannenberg and lead singer J.A.Q., who wrote the music for Bomb-itty of Errors, HBO’s much-lauded homeboy take on Shakespeare. The band’s sound is in the same neighborhood as OMG’s eccentric rock, but one thing is very different: This is some straight-up motherfuckin’ dance music. Demo track “Messed-Up Love” combines the raw freneticism of Devo’s early punk days with the too-cool swagger of Bloc Party. If you’re lucky enough to catch Them vs. Them tonight, it’ll be you who reigns victorious. Booyah!

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