The winner of the Kevin Smith contest is…

Congrats go out to Chuck K., who was selected randomly out of all the correct entries to yesterday’s Kevin Smith contest.

Interesting fact: there were actually two correct answers to the question:

In Mallrats, what is the “uncomfortable place” in “He tried to screw me somewhere very uncomfortable once”?

What Shannon Hamilton was attempting to do to Tricia Jones was have anal sex, making one correct answer “in the butt/pooper/ass/et al.” The response given by so many other in the movie is, “What, like in the back of a Volkswagen?”

Thanks to everyone who entered.

By the by, in the new episode of Tell ‘Em, Steve-Dave, Bryan Johnson references this very blog. Head on over to their sit, get the new episode (“Keeping up with Consuelos”), and listen at about the 31:00 mark. It’s vague, but it’s there, and I’ll take whatever joy I can find.

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