The Whips’ Max Indiveri shows us How to Hold a Grudge

The Whips

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Lawrence funk band The Whips are hosting their album release party at Lucia this Friday, September 15, where they’ll be playing their new album, How to Hold a Grudge, live in its entirety for the first time. Despite their youth, the band has become one of the biggest draws in Lawrence, having packed the Granada on a double bill with The Band That Saved the World just before classes at KU let out last semester.

School’s back in session, How to Hold a Grudge is out now via Lotuspool Records, and we decided to ask the Whips’ Max Indiveri a bunch of randomly silly questions about it and the show.

The Pitch: The new album is entitled How to Hold a Grudge. Please list three people against whom you hold grudges and why.

Max Indiveri: Randy, director of parking in Seaside, New Jersey, because he wouldn’t let us park our van and 5×8 trailer across four spots so we could go walk on the beach.

Mr. Fireworks, director of security at the now defunct Loaded in Denver, CO, for breaking our hearts with his incredible spoken word poetry and then leaving our lives just as quickly as he entered it. Also, he sold fireworks.

Thisisa Fakename, the first promoter we ever worked with back in high school, wouldn’t confirm the show or let us know what our set time was until we sold 25 presale tickets. Don’t take advantage of young bands y’all.

Seven people collaborated with you on this album across seven tracks. Obviously, you make friends as well. How’d these folks end up helping you out?

Well, our friends are always there for us when we get down or into legal trouble, and they help us feel better about ourselves, too. We have some awesome friends who have done everything from hanging out with us to being in fantasy football leagues together and launching a fabricated social media “app” called Tik Tok in 2016 so that when the time came to promote our record, we could look “cool online.” They’re the best.

Also, they sang on the record. They sing it live sometimes, too.

The Whips got their start playing house parties. What’s the secret to a successful house party?

Clowns. It’s a lost art.

Now that you’re packing venues around town, what’s the secret to a successful club show?

Showing up, like, so late for soundcheck. Like, really late.

The band is made up of college students. Please give us an American Graffiti-style summary of where you each end up in the future.

Max goes on to be forced to re-live the album release show every day until he learns an important lesson about how to treat himself and others.

Miles loses a narrow 2054 presidential bid after the resurgence of the popular cellular application Threads, leading to widespread election fraud and other hijinks.

Coop wins a recurring role on the hit daytime procedural law drama Suits as Rupert Mcgreasy, a scrappy rival attorney who doesn’t pull any punches.

Quinn gets, like, really good at backflips.

The Whips’ How to Hold a Grudge album release party with special guests Indra and Lavender Bride is Friday, September 15, at Lucia. Details on that show here.

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