The Weakerthans

It’s a shame in this culture of bloat and aggression that light has come to mean insubstantial. It may be justified in the case of, say, 3.2 beer or Phil Collins, but the Weakerthans rock and they’re light, in a flushed and pleasant way, with songs that buzz like a summer crush. The band is tough enough to get you out of your seat, talented enough to get you singing and savvy enough to know it’s just rock and roll, which keeps things humble and hummable. The group packs in riffs and choruses like it’s paid by the hook. Ex-Propaghandi punk John Samson has a voice made either for indie-rock or tech support, but he works it for all it’s worth. And, like the rest of the band, he is just damned likable. So don’t be surprised if, after the Weakerthans are done rocking, they stay to hang out and swap vegan recipes.

Categories: Music