The Violent Femmes

In 1983, Milwaukee’s Violent Femmes released their eponymous debut, an album of well-crafted, defiant anthems for jaded youth. These embittered odes were embraced by factions of misunderstood young Americans — that quirky girl with the crooked smile who glowered in the corner of the classroom, those too-skinny skater boys with their affected sneers and torn-up Vision Streetwear sneakers. Mix tapes across the country blasted Why can’t I get just one screw? Singer Gordon Gano’s pathetic plea for satisfaction became a mantra for kids who couldn’t get laid, the song (“Add It Up”) their theme. More than 20 years later, the Violent Femmes are still chugging along, never rising above cult status and definitely never topping their initial success. But we heartily welcome them as the main attraction at the Pitch‘s 25th Anniversary blowout, where, as at all the Femmes’ concerts nowadays, you’ll find those quirky girls and skater boys all grown up and screaming their guts out to “Blister in the Sun.”

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