The Stella Link

Though the group disbanded before it really made a blip on the national radar, Kansas City’s the Stella Link can claim a proud legacy as being the KC band most often recalled with an elongated duuuuuuude. Much of this is due to the jaw-dropping performances of drummer Chris Metcalf (now the stickman for the Life and Times), but let’s not overlook the equally prolific algebra-rock evocations of his mates: Justin Warring, Wade Williamson and David Gaumé. The foursome will perform its first show in three years, with promises of new material being slated for an early 2010 EP release. “We are intensely excited to play,” Gaumé says. “The bombastic wall-of-space guitar is bigger than ever. The songs are long but feature vocals more prominently.” Duuuuude.

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