The State‘s Kevin Allison takes a Risk with his podcast

  • Ameen Belbahri
  • Kevin Allison at SF Sketchfest 2011

Comedian Kevin Allison is best-known for his work on the seminal ’90s sketch show, The State. While many of those involved in the show went on to other projects, such as Viva Variety!, Reno 911, Wet Hot American Summer, and Stella — among many others — Allison spent the intervening decade attempting to find his voice and place in the world. In the past several years, he has found his niche as a storyteller and podcaster. His podcast and attendant live show, Risk, is devoted to people telling “true stories they never thought they’d dare to share.” Think This American Life‘s more personal, less journalistic pieces, but frequently covering topics from which radio would shy away. Allison was kind enough to give up a part of his afternoon to speak by phone with The Pitch about the podcast and the art of storytelling.

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