The Spiders

Though known mostly for Willie Nelson and other countrified acts, central Texas has pumped out more than its share of fiery, punk-influenced bands: the Butthole Surfers, Kissinger, And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. Now along comes the Spiders. Though not quite as sonically adventurous or quirky as its Austin-area predecessors, the band more than makes up for it in sheer volume and attitude. Spinning a treacherous web of crisp distortion, staccato power chords and lyrical swagger, the Spiders’ 2003 album Glitzkrieg carries the baton passed by ’70s punk bands such as the Dead Boys and the New York Dolls. Lead guitarist Eric Shaw turns solos into weapons, and guitarist and frontman Chris Benedict sings with the snotty self-confidence of a junior high bully. If you’re too afraid to punch yourself in the face, you can let the Spiders do it for you.

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