The Scott Tucker estate sale: lots of schadenfreude, lots of tributes to Scott Tucker


Last year, Scott Tucker was sentenced to 16 years in prison for stealing billions of dollars from customers through deceptive payday lending practices. Here at The Pitch, we’ve been writing about Tucker and his various Kansas City associates since all the way back in 2013. Tucker is now loathed at a national level, though, thanks to the 2018 Netflix documentary Dirty Money.

Much of that documentary was filmed in Tucker’s home in the Hallbrook neighborhood of Leawood. That home has since been seized by the IRS, and in late June a court-ordered estate sale was held at the property. For the latest City Rag podcast, we stopped by the sale and spoke with James and Michael Fry of Brown Button Estate Sale Services, the company that organized the event, about what it’s been like selling off the belongings of a semi-infamous crook. We also checked in with with Josh Nunez to see how he rated the goods on offer; Josh’s business is buying and selling vintage furniture (find him at Urban Mining) and he’s a regular on the local estate sale circuit.

We also bought a few items.


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