The Runaway Sons

Over the past half decade, the Runaway Sons have weathered changes in name and lineup that would have decimated most bands. Yet, here they are. ¡Soy España! is an incredible debut EP that sets a high standard for the Kansas City rock scene. No doubt people are going to compare the Runaway Sons with the Bronx: Both acts have sounds that fall somewhere between Motorhead and Black Flag. But ¡Soy España! owes more to the garage acts that pop up on Las Vegas Grind comps than anything else, and bands such as the Fabulous Continentals only wish they sounded this good. “Jerk and Gyrate” is a sped-up go-go number run through living-room-sized amps. And with sinuous guitars, boogie-beat drums and lines such as Dance, baby, we’ll leave you wanting more, “Kathleen Turner Overdrive” is a true rarity — a song about dancing you can actually dance to.

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