The Rosebuds

A word to the wise, Ivan and Kelly Rosebud: The music industry is no place for happily married couples. From Sonny and Cher to Jack and Meg, it has become obvious — divorce is where it’s at. Luckily, the Rosebuds’ perfectly crafted pop songs are just too damn good to risk a trip to splitsville. Debuting in 2003 with The Rosebuds Make Out, this North Carolina team has since found solace in beach-blanket sing-alongs and sugary lullabies. Sure, the Rosebuds aren’t building anything new (influences such as the Kinks and the Smiths are firmly cemented in the foundation), but whatever is lacking in originality is made up for in quality, and the group’s latest release, Birds Make Good Neighbors, is proof that pop music can be timeless.

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