The Rich Co-worker

We may not be big on shelling out our hard-earned dough on poker, but we’re familiar with the bluff. There’s the I’m not hungover bluff and the I didn’t know he was your boyfriend bluff. That’s why we can identify with the failed bluff by St. Louisan Dan Nassif in the World Series of Poker.

Dan had, oh, $12 million on the line when he pushed in his chips at the tournament’s final table earlier this month in Las Vegas. He had an ace and a king. We don’t follow Texas hold ’em— in fact, we don’t follow anything that uses Texas as an adjective — but that sounds like a pretty good hand. Turns out, Dan’s risk was nothing more than a bluff, and his opponent wiped him out just 20 minutes into the final game.

But don’t feel bad for Dan, a Lebanese-Irish dude who spent the tourney giving opponents an icy glare. He still walked away with a cool $1.5 million.

The best part? Dan’s something of a co-worker. He sells ads and plays on the softball team at the Riverfront Times, our sister paper in St. Louis. While at the tournament, he helped promote a Web site called PokerStars, which has the slogan “Money Won’t Change Me.” Turns out it wasn’t just talk: Dan Nassif the millionaire has returned to St. Louis — and his job selling ads.

In an e-mail to the Pitch, he wrote: “Yes, I was here on Monday. But a little late. I think I got in around 9:15 instead of 8:15. It was pretty hard to wake up Monday morning.”

That’s why this week we love Dan Nassif.

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