The Record Machine Showcase

By putting a slew of local talent in one place, a record-label showcase is a cheap way to cop a feel. Kansas City’s the Record Machine — home of such acts as Cowboy Indian Bear, Max Justus and Soft Reeds — slots showcases every couple of months, but this one offers a new crop of handpicked local acts. The label hasn’t signed most of them yet, but this is one new class of rising musicians you’ll want to sample. Record Machine guru Nathan Reusch describes Bozo tha Bean as “Animal Collective meets fantasy music,” and he says fellow performers Deadringers “fit into the whole garage-punk scene, and I expect them to bring it.” Ebony Tusk is the hip-hop-flavored side project of Martinez Hillard of Cowboy Indian Bear. “One of our own striking out and doing a solo project is always something Record Machine supports and wants to help be a part of,” Reusch says. Motorboater, the project of Queens Club’s Dan Eaton, is a blissed-out effort that packs a danceworthy punch. And Lazy, one of the Record Machine’s newer signees, just released a single on vinyl and MP3, and performs Velvet Underground-tinged garage-punk, too. Consider the night a primer in Kansas City’s rustling underground, all for a cool five bucks.

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