The Pop Genius of They Might Be Giants

I’m Impressed: Underappreciated Pop Giants


Between touring, their TV work, and peddling CDs and MP3s to as loyal a fanbase as exists in what’s left of the music industry, They Might Be Giants hardly needs me to defend them— especially considering the fact that they’ve achieved their 25 plus years of success without ever sacrificing vision or integrity. Still, too many smart people I know lump these cheerful nonconformist pop pros in with laff-acts like “Weird” Al or those folky Canadian shitboxes the Barenaked Ladies.

TMBG play twice in town this weekend (tonight at 8 at the Beaumont, and then a kids show at 6 p.m. Saturday at Crown Center’s not-as-dirty-as-it-sounds Jiggle Jam). Here, then, for the unconvinced, are three Giants-related shoulda been hits for your (re)consideration, all from the pen of John Linnell. (His partner, John Flansburgh, is no songwriting slouch himself, but I’m being picky, here.)

1. “I’m Impressed”

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