The Pitch Questionnaire with Charlotte Street’s Kate Hackman

Occupation: “Art lady” might be my favorite descriptor. I am co-director of Charlotte Street Foundation, a nonprofit that nurtures, supports and connects artists in Kansas City through cash awards, project grants, commissions, studio residencies, exhibition and performance opportunities (through our Urban Culture Project), professional development training, etc.

Hometowns: Alexandria, Virginia, and Delmar, New York, growing up. But since my parents moved to KC as I was finishing college, and after nearly 14 years here myself, Kansas City certainly feels like home.

Current neighborhood: Roanoke

What is your sidekick? One bottomless-pit purse or another, in which I am, to the annoyance or amusement of others, constantly digging. And my laptop. Often, one of my fancy Bengal leopard cats, Biggie or Poppy, attempts to sit on my laptop.

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