The Pedaljets at RecordBar

​Apropos of nothing, Robert Moore of Sonic Spectrum threw a party at RecordBar on Saturday night. For a spring fling of sorts, the ubiquitous long-haired music man recruited power-country-poppers Sons of Great Dane, the thunderous Hammerlord and the Pedaljets — the regrouped rock redux that hit it big in the 80’s, broke up in the early 90’s, decided to give it another go in the 00’s and is finally recording a new album in the 10’s.

I wasn’t around for the first go-around for this quartet, who has replaced long time lead guitarist Phil Wade (currently with the Wilders) with present sound engineer Paul Malinowski. The rest of the crowd, rife with aging scenesters, seemed genuinely excited to see the band roll out some new material for the first time in 20 years (drummer Rob Morrow ended the sound check with “Stargate, motherfuckers”) even though they all hung back from the stage.

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