Peanut supports women in all stages of womanhood

"Connect with women who are at a similar stage in life–from fertility, pregnancy and motherhood through to menopause."
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Women of Peanut. // Courtesy Peanut Brand Photography

Women around the nation have found new ways to stay connected, understanding that communication is more important now than ever. Peanut is an app full of supporters that assist and inform women in all stages of womanhood.

Not only can you get valuable information by hearing personal experiences on Peanut, but you can also build relationships with other mommies that are on similar journeys locally, nationally, or even internationally.

“Peanut is the first online community to connect women throughout all stages of womanhood,” Peanut says in a statement. “Whether you’re navigating menopause, motherhood, pregnancy or are trying to conceive, the app provides access to a community who are there to listen, share information and offer valuable advice.”

Peanut was founded in 2017 by Michelle Kennedy after she experienced severe isolation while being a new mother. With her extensive knowledge in apps such as Badoo and Bumble, she wanted to build a platform that was created by women, for women.

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Founder/CEO Michelle Kennedy and her children. // Courtesy Peanut Brand Photography

Kennedy knew she wasn’t the only mommy experiencing seclusion. According to research provided by the supportive app, three out of five women experience extreme loneliness, and over half of women struggle with mental health during expectancy and postpartum. The encouraging app helps by ensuring users will have positive and meaningful relationships with the support of women.

“Thanks to Peanut I have made some great friends both locally that I spend time with regularly and I also have a “pen pal” over in Australia and we talk every day,” says local app user Amanda. “The app has helped me conquer my social anxiety and give me the confidence to put myself out there and make new friends.”

Surrounding yourself with like-minded women can be obliging through the many phases of womanhood by allocating knowledge with positive intent. Rather it’s conceiving, pregnancy, post-partum, or parenting, it doesn’t have to be a deserted journey.

Local users have expressed Peanut as an uplifting, reassuring, and welcoming judgment-free platform for mommies to regularly share advice. Amanda reveals that she met with a local mommy for same-aged kid playdates and similar interests.

“I have actually met my best friend Amanda on the app,” says local users Megan S. “She was one of the first people I connected with, and we barely go a day without talking! Our children are around the same age and love getting to see each other and play.”

Seeing the promising relationships that Peanut has witnessed; they encourage all mommies to join. Peanut is available on Google Play and the App Store. You can also find more information at



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