The Noise FM post the first track off their next album

In addition to being one of our favorite bands to follow on Twitter, the Noise FM are a tireless live act, rocking the stage at many a local venue on a very regular basis. Right now, however, they’re not playing any shows.


Because they’ve got a new EP coming out, fools! In order to get you all antsy-pantsy to see them live (and, one assumes, to get those new tunes sparkling and polished for playing), you won’t be able to see the Noise FM until the Enclave EP sees release at the Granada on Friday, May 14 — which is also the release show for Cowboy Indian Bear‘s Each Other All the Time.

In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with this new track. Pobrecito niño, right?

MP3: The Noise FM, “The Vault

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