The Noise FM

If you’ve ever happened upon a Noise FM show, you know that these three dudes can bring it. In a town (Lawrence) known more for its eccentric indie-rock acts, the Noise FM is practically an anomaly: a polished modern-rock trio that values big riffs and big hooks, without sacrificing creativity. The Noise FM injects its songs with angular riffs from the Jonny Greenwood trick bag and a locked-in rhythm section akin to Minus the Bear. The closest point of reference might be Bloc Party, but there are also not-so-subtle traces of Muse and Queens of the Stone Age. In the context of the boisterous rock jams that the Noise FM is cooking up, those are perfectly respectable influences — and they’re just that, because the group has already synthesized its own unique sound. This debut album does justice to its ambitions, showcasing the slick production of MixTape Studios and plenty of hot licks from guitarist and singer Alex Ward. It makes an immediate impact, but it’s also packed with subtler charms — stacked harmonies, sundry keyboards and studio knob-tweaks — that make it ripe for repeated spins. And don’t even try to pretend you’re not loving that guitar tapping on “Backbreaker.”

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