The night the Christmas lights went out in Prairie Village

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  • Will it be lights out in Prairie Village?

There is no Christmas in June. KCTV5 reports that the city of Prairie Village, Kansas, is in the process of drafting an ordinance that would regulate neighborhood attractions. The ordinance would require people displaying lights or holding concerts in residential neighborhoods to get a permit.

The ordinance theoretically curbs attractions like Mike Babick’s Christmas-light display, which brings in cars and crowds from neighboring towns. It’s a classic neighborhood dilemma. If you live next door to Babick, you just want to read to your kids at night without your face being bathed in neon reds and greens from the thousands of tiny light bulbs outside your window. If you live on any other street, you can’t wait till he throws the switch that starts up his display.

The ordinance is still in the draft stages, but Babick is worried that this could mean the end of his display. Regardless, the Village should sleep well knowing that the city is ever vigilant and ever ready.

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