The new Tea Party people: Now with black people (onstage, anyway), proud to teabag, but still batshit insane

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There were several Tea Parties on April 15, and rightbloggers who

normally have nothing good to say about the “main stream media” (whom

they consider biased and/or corrupt) were surprised by relatively

flattering coverage from the New York Times, CBS and other agents of the evil MSM.

Perhaps because they are unaccustomed to such treatment, they could not

take it with good grace. “The Times tells us what we already

knew,” scoffed Tom Maguire — namely, that TP people are popular

and great. “Even the New York Waste of Times is no longer

buying the meme that Tea Partiers are dumb and uneducated,” said Moonbattery. The Times‘ finding that TP

people are well-educated “is glossed over” by the Times,

claimed Don Surber. “And the New York Times could

have said Tea Partiers are more likely to go to church, be married and

work” if they really wanted to tell the whole, wonderful truth.

It may be that the MSM doesn’t try harder to satisfy these people

because there is obviously no satisfying them.

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